I’m absolutely delighted to announce that in the next few months I’ll be at New York Comic Con, NCTE and NAIBA:


September 20th, 2014, 7pm-8pm: New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association (NAIBA) – Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, VA

I’ll be signing some hot-off-the-press ARCs of None of the Above at NAIBA’s #WeNeedDiverseBooks reception. There’s an amazing guest list (including some of my very favorite people in the world) which you can see here!
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This weekend, I feel blessed and privileged to be attending the 19th annual AIS-DSD Support Group Conference in San Francisco, CA (for those of you who aren’t familiar with intersex alphabet soup, AIS-DSD stands for the Androgen Insensitity Syndrome – Differences of Sex Development).

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Super exciting news, guys!

The #WeNeedDiverseBooks team is thrilled to announce that we’ve been invited to give a panel at BookCon [for those not involved in publishing, BookCon is the consumer event associated with Book Expo America (BEA), which happens to be the largest book event in the country]!

And I’ll be moderating! I can’t be more honored to be talking about the important issue of diversity in literature, in conversation with multiple-award-winning authors Grace Lin, Matt de la Peña and Jacqueline Woodson.

(I’m sorry if I’ve used my exclamation point quota already. Needless to say, we’re all PSYCHED.)
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Guys, I’m so excited to tell y’all that NONE OF THE ABOVE now has an official release date:

April 28, 2015

…which means that my book will be published WITHIN A YEAR, which makes me feel a combination of this (credit maxafax):

excited baby

and this (credit reactiongifs.com):

which basically adds up to this (credit wondermentsofme):


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Laura Plus Books

I’m totally embarrassed to come into LGBTQ YA month so late, but as you saw from my previous post, #amrevising. As usual, I was clued into this terrific corner of the blogsphere by Dahlia Adler, whose QUILTBAG compendium I’m still referring readers to.
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The lovely Heather Marie has tagged me in the Writing Process blog tour! I’m taking it as an opportunity to write about Diversity in YA, which has been a topic that’s taken up a lot of my Twitter feed lately, and for good reason:

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side effects coverI am so very excited to celebrate the launch of Julie Murphy’s much-anticipated YA contemporary novel, SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY. Julie’s a fantastic, nuanced writer, and we share the same editor, the amazing Alessandra Balzer. At the recent ALA midwinter conference, I was thrilled to see SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY presented at the Harper Book Buzz, where it was described as “fearless and funny,” with the panelists saying “we can’t recommend it highly enough.” I completely agree.  Continue reading

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I’ve been going to writers’ conferences for years, but this past weekend’s NY SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers) conference was particularly fun: It was the first one I attended as a contracted author.


It was a great time. Inspiring as always, and surprisingly stress-free when you’re not going in with high hopes for a critique. At the same time, attending the conference was somewhat bittersweet, because I saw myself in the hundreds of aspiring writers who weren’t in my position. The hope in those conference rooms was palpable, and as I met person after person who was in the querying trenches, or agented but not yet published, I couldn’t help feeling some survivor guilt.

It’s the flip side of professional jealousy, which has been wonderfully documented in essays by Philip LopateBonita FriedmanAlison Cherry,  Susan Adrian, Suzanne Ferrell Smith with Cheryl Wilder and Donna Gambale, among others. Instead of feeling left behind, I worried about being the person leaving people behind, especially when I hung out with my new Fearless Fifteeners friends. I didn’t want to be THAT PERSON.
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We only have what we give.  ― Isabel Allende

I am very excited to announce that my agent Jessica Regel and I are contributing to KidLit for the Philippines, an on-line auction to benefit survivors of Typhoon Haiyan.
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