Tomorrow is Intersex Awareness Day!

I’m not going to lie – the past couple of weeks have been pretty sweet, none sweeter than Friday when I had an amazing visit with the Downingtown High School West Book Club. In addition to being generally sweet and awesome and enthusiastic, they asked some terrific, nuanced questions and helped me make some wonderful cue cards for the #intersex stories campaign for Intersex Awareness Day, which is tomorrow 10/26. If you’ve never seen proof of how open-minded and amazing teens can be, look no further:
Pidgeon Pagonis (formerly of Advocates for Informed Choice and InterActYouth) is spearheading the effort to get #IntersexAwareness day to trend, so please do help her out and sign up for her TwitterStorm.  And keep your eye for for my post on Why Intersex is Awesome on EpicReads – wherein some amazing author friends have chimed in with their own thoughts on why intersex awareness is important. To help celebrate their involvement in #intersexstories, I’m hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway for a signed copy of None of the Above and any FOUR of their books! Be sure to Post or Tweet why YOU think intersex is awesome tomorrow, using the HT #intersexstories.
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