My cover is here!

This post is very belated, because I kept thinking, “Tomorrow I’ll have time to write up that awesome post with pictures of NY Comic Con, and info on all the exciting stuff going on with We Need Diverse Books, and….” Well, no. So without further ado:


Design by Alison Donalty and Jenna Stempel

Isn’t it eye-catching? I think the Harper team did an amazing job capturing the theme and tone of the book, and so did my editor, Alessandra Balzer! You can read her thoughts – and an interview with my designers Alison and Jenna, at The Book Smugglers blog.

For now, in lieu of a longer post, I’ll just leave you a link to an awesome writeup of my NY Comic Con #GeeksOfColor panel courtesy of, and some pictures of my awesome day:

NONE OF THE ABOVE at the Harper booth!

NONE OF THE ABOVE at the Harper booth!


Fangirling over literary hero Peter S. Beagle


Paneling with my amazing fellow #GeeksOfColor


#GeeksOfColor unwind! L -> R: Daniel Jose Older, Alice Meichi Li, Diana Pho, Mr. Tracey John, Tracey John, myself and LeSean Thomas

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