Release day approaches!

Today I got my first picture of None of the Above in the wild! Thank you, @maxiekat, for snapping a photo of my baby in the cool kids club:


NotA at Books-A-Million, Exton, PA

NotA at Books-A-Million, Exton, PA (photo credit: @maxiekat)

Huge shout out to Wendy at The Midnight Garden, for hosting the official None of the Above blog tour, and for having the brilliant idea to have a graphic debunking an intersex myth each day. The last stop for the blog tour will be on Monday at The Irish Banana, where I’ll be interviewing the intersex author Lianne Simon.


Last but certainly not least, I wanted to recommend that you view this stunningly moving Buzzfeed video on What it’s Like to be Intersex, featuring three intersex youths I met at last year’s AIS-DSD Support Group conference. I’m just blown away by their poise, their smart (and funny) comments, and their honesty and vulnerability.  I hope you’re as inspired by them as I am.

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  1. L. Marie says:

    Congrats on your upcoming release!

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