Launch week in pictures


Even before the “official” launch date, Erin Entrada Kelly spotted None of the Above in the wild at Giovanni’s Room in Philadelphia. Yes, I freaked out when I saw the authors keeping it company on display…

Then Laura at Books-A-Million in Exton was sweet enough to tag me in her display of Easter reads – again in amazing company (why, hello Fearless Fifteeners)…

I woke up on April 7th to the sound of the florist delivering some gorgeous buds from my agent, Jessica Regel at Foundry Literary + Media…

…to find that NotA was already trending on Twitter right underneath Rand Paul (doubtless thanks to the aforementioned Fearless Fifteeners who all rock).
trending 2

Of course, what would a launch week be like without a special edition #ORCouture?



Day after release #ORcouture selfie! Get into the spring of things with this classic surgical bouffant cap with butterfly accents. Guaranteed to set your heart a flutter. (Medline, $0.02 each)

After a couple of days of work, I went back into author mode with a reading at Camp Rehoboth’s Women’s Fest, and a couple of signings at the lovely and amazing Browseabout Books.

Browseabout Collage

Photo credits: Joseph Gregorio

Then it was back home, to prep for the “real” launch party. I’d already made name tags for my wonderful author friends so my other guests could harass them for signed copies of their own books:
1798675_10153230158506449_6944361198614554464_nAnd I was floored when I realized how many of the Chester County Book Company staff had read and recommended NotA!!


Photo credit: Chester County Book Company

Then the party started, and Beth Kephart’s speech almost brought me to tears, as did the sheer mass of people I loved and admired, and the little hug Olivia gave me during the middle of my reading. So fortunate. So humbled and thankful. So happy.

Launch big Collage

Photo credits: me, Beth Kephart, and Joseph Gregorio

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  1. Beth Kephart says:

    It was all beautiful.

  2. Romi says:

    Hi there- I apologise for leaving this in the comments, but I couldn’t find a contact button!
    I write a book review blog ( and recently read and reviewed None of the Above on it- I wondered if you would be at all interested in answering a few questions for an interview?

    Thanks for your time!

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