This Is My Brain on Starred Reviews!

Any author will tell you that that waiting for trade reviews is one of the worst part of the publishing business, akin to that nail-biting period when kids are waiting for college admission announcements.

I am so, so thrilled – and, let’s be honest, more than a little relieved – to share that Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal and Kirkus have weighed in with their opinions on This if My Brain in Love – and they liked it! They really liked it – to the tune of two starred reviews!

My favorite pull quotes:

  • ⭐ “Readers will come to this story for dynamic romantic and familial relationships, but they’ll stay for its smart exploration of depression, anxiety, and self-care.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)
  • ⭐ “Deftly navigating issues of race and mental health, as well as giving voice to the reality of American teens born to immigrant families, many of whom grapple with different cultural and familial expectations, Gregorio has written a heartwarming foodie rom-com.” – School Library Journal (starred review)
  • “Mental illness is no match for love in this diverse, compelling novel… [Gregorio’s] cast of characters authentically navigate their mental illnesses through the twists and turns of a fast-paced plot, and the romance between Will and Jocelyn sparkles. A sweet, entertaining romance.”  – Kirkus Reviews (affectionately known as “Snarkus” to authors who have felt their reviewers’ bite)

Please excuse the brevity of this post – I’m going to go collapse in relief now.

Here’s a picture of my legendary editor, Alvina Ling, holding This is My Brain in Love with its new bling:


Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 2.32.49 PM

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